June 25 Film and Local Pipeline Discussion


Join concerned people for a national stop on the screening tour of the short film “DIRECTLY AFFECTED” ;the stories of the people, and places, that lie in the way of the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion followed by filmmaker Q&A and discussion on local actions and concerns on the Energy East Pipeline project. Thursday June 25, 6:30PM to 8:30PM at the Mary J.L. Black Public Library. Free admission.

“Directly Affected”
Directed: Zack Embree
Canada 2015, 10 min

As a result of Bill C-38 and a dramatically weakened Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, applicants for public participation in the National Energy Board (NEB) review of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Expansion proposal had to prove they were either “directly affected” or had relevant knowledge or expertise. This qualification, coupled with a seemingly intentionally onerous online application process, left many individuals and grassroots groups excluded from sharing their opinions within the review process. Directly Affected was our response to the frustration felt by communities across BC who want to have their voices heard.

Directly Affected documentary trailer image Raincoast has teamed up with two Vancouver film-makers, Zach Embree and Devyn Brugge, to produce a short documentary profiling those excluded from the NEB process. From First Nations to Burnaby homeowners and Chilliwack fishermen to Gulf Islands residents the film will tell how we are all directly affected.

2 Responses to June 25 Film and Local Pipeline Discussion

  1. Juliana Margaret Hess says:

    Great film and great work you are doing. I’d like to volunteer to help at the film festival in May.

  2. Bill says:

    Good film, very cold at the Finlandia Club. I don’t think that we will ever win the political war, not soon anyway. However, we could win the economic war if we manage to persuade enough people to buy organic. I think that should be a major plank in our platform.

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